November '17 President's Message

President Message

Hi all,

Well, October is over already. Should have known - went to Costco and all the Christmas decorations were on display.
Wow! Where does time go?!?!?

Leavin' Thursday am to the Porter Ranch campout. Unfortunately, there will only be 10 of us. Watch the next month's newsletter for a ride report. This ride may be a do-over. We'll see. It is always so good to go somewhere new and explore on our mighty steeds.

If you didn't attend the Pebble Beach ride, you missed a great ride. The weather was absolutely beautiful and as we came over the dune, the view of the ocean was breathtaking. Good job Syd!

Our next meeting will be Thu, Nov 9th @ Watsonville Hospital. Prez Liz

Editor’s Note

Any news you may have about member accomplishments, photos, or trail information please send to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It’s your newsletter and let’s keep it fresh and relevant.Photo in this addition are from Point Reyes and Pebble beach.

Thank you to those who contributed.