May '17 President's Message


Hi all,

Hopefully you are just about dried out and your web feet are getting back to normal toes. Mine still have some webbing.

The Poker Ride is over for another year. We had showery weather on Thursday night and into Friday - nothing like what was predicted. One of our attendees told me he talked to his son in Salinas and he said it was dumping there on Saturday. The threat of rain for the weekend was, I think, the main reason for lower attendance, which was down this year...

I would like to give a BIG thank you to Heather and Steve Shupe for a great job putting on an obstacle course in the arena on Saturday. Monies from this event are a donation to the "parks sign-age" project. Thanks again,  Shupe's for stepping up! 

I know it may seem early to bring up the Jack Brooks campout, but this is the last year we will have all 3 sites and we can invite our riding buddies and friends to come and camp with us. Because we have lost money on this campout over the last few years. Next year (2018) we only rented site 1, so attendance will be limited.

The June 8th meeting is canceled due to scheduling of the Skillman campout.

See you on the trail OR at a meeting,

Prez Liz